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Still Have Questions About GenF20 Plus?

Still have questions? No problem. You'll find some of the most common questions and concerns we get from people who are thinking about trying the GenF20 Plus HGH supplement listed below.

If your issue isn't addressed here, please let us know by visiting our contact page. We'd be happy to assist you.

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GenF20 Plus™ is a human growth hormone-boosting system -- a potent, two-part combination of a doctor-endorsed, enteric-coated daily supplement and a highly effective oral spray.

It's designed with a very unique, medically established combination of nutrients, peptides, and amino acids -- all formulated to super-charge your pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormone (HGH).

As we get older, our HGH levels start to dwindle...

... And it' a medical fact - this decline in growth hormone production directly affects how quickly your body starts to age, resulting in a general deterioration of the body - from how you look (wrinkles, thinning skin, age spots, sagging) to your muscle fitness, libido, metabolism, energy levels, memory, and more!

GenF20 Plus™ functions with your body to effectively, naturally, and safely replenish the HGH levels of your youth - but without the expensive and risky injections of synthetic growth hormone.

Just take two of the tablets twice per day together with the suggested amount of oral spray and watch as your HGH levels start to rise again, delivering amazing benefits, such as:

  • A younger appearance
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Boosted metabolism and fat loss
  • A kick-start to sex drive
  • Youthful energy
  • Plus much more!

GenF20 Plus™ has no known negative side-effects.

Even so (as with any health supplement or nutritional product), we can't guarantee with 100% certainty that GenF20 Plus will be safe for you. After all, everyone has circumstances that are unique to them, such as medical history, general health and fitness level, allergies, etc.

We think you'll see why this makes sense!

However, what we CAN tell you is that there are already thousands of satisfied customers who are taking GenF20 Plus with great results.

Not only that, but we've taken the extra measure of using the same cGMP-certified pharmaceutical-making facilities used by big-name retailers like Wal-Mart, Walgreen, Rite Aid, Safeway, Albertson's, and others!

That's correct. Many of the same rigorous standards, testing, and practices used when creating life-saving drugs are employed in the manufacture of GenF20 Plus.

In other words...

  • We are certified cGMP compliant!
  • Prior to manufacture, all of our raw ingredients are tested to ensure purity.
  • Upon request,we will gladly provide our Certificates of Analysis for any of our materials to verify their safety, potency, and freshness (just ask!).
  • And to prove we take your safety (and our reputation) seriously, we mark every box of GenF20 Plus with an expiration date and lot number.

...Naturally, having such high quality standards results in a further reduction to our profit margins.

Ethically speaking, however, we just cannot imagine running our company any other way - your safety and results are our top priority!

Even so, if you have any questions or concerns about using our product, please talk with your doctor first.

GenF20 Plus™ works to decrease and even reverse the typical effects of aging by stimulating your body to begin producing more HGH.

On average, by the time we reach the age of 25, our HGH levels are at approximately 600ug.

HGH chart showing an 85% decrease in growth hormone levels by age 60

But by the time we reach the age of 60, our growth hormone levels will normally drop dramatically to only 90ug - only a small fraction of youthful levels!

To make matters worse, due to the unhealthy, out-of-balance lifestyle that many now lead with poor diet and little-to-no exercise, an increasing number of people are seeing these depleted levels by as early as age 40!

You've no doubt seen these types yourself... maybe you're even one of them! They come across as being tired, weak, and just plain old.

By super-charging your pituitary gland to start producing greater amounts of HGH again, GenF20 Plus™ can help your body turn back the clock on the effects of aging!

GenF20 Plus™ stimulates your pituitary gland to secrete more HGH, which can impact your body's ability to lose weight in a variety of ways.

Benefits include...

  • Boosts your metabolism so that you burn more calories!
  • Keeps your blood sugar at healthy levels!
  • Break down your body's fat and uses it for fuel!
  • Discourages your body from accumulating MORE fat!
  • Increases your body's lean muscle mass!

... All of which result in weight loss!

Although there hasn't been any scientific research conducted specifically on how HGH affects sex drive, it's difficult to overlook the amazingly positive testimonials from people taking HGH.

Enhanced levels of HGH are said to have a significant impact on not only libido, but also pleasure!

But that's not surprising... It wouldn't be logical if the age-reversing benefits of HGH only improved your muscle tone, memory, and appearance. Since it's a hormone, it only makes perfect sense that it would enhance the way your sexual organs function as well!

For instance, it's well known that human growth hormone reverses the naturally-occuring age-related shrinkage of internal organs like the liver and heart. It now looks like it may reverse the age-related shrinkage of the penis and clitoris too!

Both men and women who are well into their 60's, 70's, and 80's are reporting that they're enjoying sex like they did in their twenties and thirties!

A lot of these same people are having sex as much as 2-3 times a day, experiencing the same kind of powerful orgasms they had in their teens!

Yes. Click here to see more detailed information about the different products available and why you should be aware of them.

The health supplement and weight loss industry is plagued with dishonest swindlers who are only out to turn a quick profit. Unfortunately, many HGH supplements fall into this category...

One thing that's important to keep in mind is that you can't buy "non-prescription HGH."

However, you can stimulate your own body to create more growth hormone by using a superior HGH-boosting system like GenF20 Plus™.

Remember - only a physician can prescribe actual HGH injections! If any company is claiming that their product contains ANY amount of HGH, then you can be certain that they are lying to you.

Only a certified professional can administer actual doses of HGH, with the enormous price tag of between $10K-$30K per year since you only experience the effects for as long as you're getting the treatments.

The GenF20 Plus™ Triple-Advantage System is an exceptional, economical alternative to the sky-high prices of HGH injections, since it stimulates your body to naturally secrete more of it's own growth hormone.

And no expensive or unpleasant injections necessary.

GenF20 Plus™ doesn't contain any actual HGH - real or synthetic.

Rather, it consists of a spray and daily pill supplement that naturally stimulates your pituitary gland to create and release greater amounts of your own HGH.

And you're right... Ingested forms of HGH (by pills, sprays, etc.) can't properly reach the bloodstream, so the only effective method for introducing additional human growth hormone into the body is by injection.

Unfortunately, these injections are extremely expensive, from $10K to $30K per year (or more), require keeping frequent doctor appointments, can be painful, and have to be continued indefinitely in order to receive the same anti-aging benefits.

GenF20 Plus™ is a risk-free, low-cost, natural, and easy to use alternative to having external sources of HGH injected into your body!

This way, your heightened production of HGH comes right from YOUR OWN pituitary gland - the same way it did when you were in your twenties!

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There's no presciption needed for taking GenF20 Plus™ since (unlike artificial injections) it's an all-natural supplement.

That said, if you currently have any existing health conditions that you have questions or concerns about, or are taking prescription drugs, you should talk to your doctor before using GenF20 Plus™.

The FDA approved injections of HGH for use in adult patients in August of 1996.

Prior to this it was only cleared for use as a treatment for HGH-deficient children (for example, with dwarfism) as a way to stimulate growth.

Currently, injections of growth hormone remain available only by prescription from a physician.

But - HGH Releasers like GenF20 Plus contain no actual growth hormone. Instead, they stimulate your pituitary gland to naturally manufacture more of it's own.

So there's no prescription required! And under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, the FDA approves HGH boosters.*

* Please note, this does not imply an endorsement by the FDA.

This is a common question that we receive, and the answer is a definite "Yes!"

GenF20 Plus™ is an HGH booster, stimulating your body to create more of it's own growth hormone. It's an all-natural supplement made without any banned substances, and is 100% in compliance with the FDA's Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994.

Synthetic HGH injections, however, are unlawful to possess or distribute without a legitimate doctor's prescription.

This is the main reason for the controversy surrounding HGH products, and why you should be cautious about online companies who claim to sell "real" HGH.

Keep in mind...

GenF20 Plus™ naturally releases the body's own HGH, as opposed to artificially introducing additional growth hormone (like with injections).

Which makes it 100% legal and natural.

As we age, our bodies produce less HGH. Therefore, the older we get, the more pronounced the benefits will be from increased HGH levels.

That being said, adults at any age can experience positive effects, since growth hormone production can be negatively impacted for many reasons, such as stress, poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Bottom line: age may not be the only reason for your low HGH levels!

You should talk to a physician prior to giving GenF20 Plus to children.

Obviously, careful consideration by a qualified medical professional should be given before providing minors with any HGH supplementation. You will most likely agree that this is a reasonable position to take.

Since HGH levels in most people don't start declining until well into their 20's, there is potential risk to growth and development that may be involved when interfering with a child's natural production of growth hormone.

So please, talk to your doctor first!

Although GenF20 Plus has no known drug interactions, we recommend that you talk to your physician if you have any spcecific concerns.

To put it simply, Absolutely NOT!

GenF20 Plus is classified as an HGH "releaser", which works by stimulating your body into releasing more of it's own growth hormone, as opposed to injecting it from an outside source.

Since your body is creating it's own HGH naturally, there is no possible way it can cause Mad Cow Disease (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease). If anything, it's probably the SAFEST way to boost your growth hormone output.

So why are HGH supplements associated with this fear?

From 1958 - 1985, treatment for children with growth hormone deficiency involved injections of actual HGH which was taken from the brains of human cadavers sourced from Africa. Unfortunately, the sterilization technique used to make the HGH safe proved to be ineffective.

The result was that many of the children who received these treatments later contracted Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), commonly referred to as "Mad Cow Disease".

After discovering this link, treatment with injections of human HGH ended.

Later, in the mid-1980's, an Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company devised a process to create a synthetic HGH that was identical to growth hormone naturally created in the body.

It's this man-made HGH (known as somatropin) that is currently delivered by injection from physicians to treat children with dwarfism.

It's also the same form of HGH that's used to reverse the aging process.

These injections can only be given by a medical professional and usually cost anywhere from $10K-$30K, or more, per year.

But, as stated before, GenF20 Plus is an HGH releaser.

It causes your body to generate more of your own HGH naturally. And best of all, it doesn't require any super-expensive injections

The GenF20 Plus formula includes a potent blend of ingredients, all of which have been shown to naturally stimulate the pituitary gland to start producing more HGH!

That means there's no need for concern over the origin of the HGH - since it's coming straight from your own body.

And it's completely all-natural and 100% safe, so you can rest assured that you won't be consuming or injecting any outside sources of HGH.

While it is true that HGH does contribute to an increase of muscle mass, the only way you're going to become huge from taking an HGH supplement like GenF20 Plus is if you're already a die-hard bodybuilder.

Nor will taking GenF 20 Plus add inches to your height!

The "growth" part in human growth hormone only refers to the part that HGH plays in organizing the complicated harmony that occurs in the body between many different hormones... affecting your metabolism, skin and muscle tone, fat storage, and more.

GenF20 Plus™ naturally encourages the production of HGH in your body, therby eliminating the potential for any negative side effects like those that occur with the use of injected growth hormone.

GenF20 Plus™ stimulates your pituitary gland to create more HGH, which results in the increased production of IGF-1 in the liver and elsewhere.

The result of this is an increase in the body's uptake of amino acids, synthesizing protein into muscle and other tissues!

These are questions we often get from weight lifters who want to bulk up.

Here are the facts:

GenF20 Plus™ is an HGH releasing supplement. It stimulates your pituitary gland to naturally create and secrete more HGH. When combined with an appropriate diet and fitness routine, heightened levels of growth hormone can lead to an increase in lean muscle mass.

The supplement itself does not contain any HGH.

And no - HGH, whether real or synthetic, is not classified as a steroid.

It is true that a certain segment of the bodybuilding community uses HGH injections to unnaturally inflate their levels of growth hormone well beyond the normal range in an attempt to produce extreme gains in muscle mass. However, it's not only illegal but dangerous to buy injections of synthetic HGH without a prescription from a medical professional.

On top of that, virtually every major sports governing body (including the International Olympic Committee) has banned the use of HGH as a performance-enhancing drug.

The good news is that GenF20 Plus stimulates your body to secrete MORE of it's own growth hormone - instead of unnaturally increasing it like when taking injections - meaning it's 100% safe, natural, and LEGAL!

No, it isn't. Somatropin is simply another term used for man-made HGH, which is injected and can only be legally obtained by prescription.

Instead of having to pay for expensive and painful injections on a continuous basis, GenF20 Plus enables your own body to create more HGH naturally by simply taking a daily combination of a spray and tablets.

it's easy to use and won't break the bank.

Absolutely not! Using GenF 20 Plus is VERY affordable!

(As a matter of fact, it's surprisingly inexpensive!)

Since somatropin injections can cost $10K-$30K per year or more, GenF20 Plus lets you receive all the age-reversing effects of heightened HGH levels - including a younger appearance, more energy and stamina, fat loss, a boosted libido, and MORE...

...For only around the price of a cup of coffee per day! You won't find a better value in investment for your overall health, well-being, and quality of life!

Thanks to breakthroughs in science with the engineering of amino acids, production expenses are kept to a minimum... and the savings get passed on to you!

Most customers report an increase in energy, more restful sleep, and feeling better overall within 2-3 weeks after starting GenF20 Plus - regardless of their initial HGH levels. Other benefits, such as improved muscle tone and appearance, typically become noticeable within the first three months of use.

Which means you should ideally plan on taking GenF20 Plus for a minimum of 3 months to enjoy the maximum benefits that these products provide.

Your results may vary depending on where your HGH levels are when you begin supplementation, so those with very weak levels of HGH will notice more pronounced results.

Similar to taking a daily multivitamin, it's recommended to use GenF20 Plus on a regular basis to continue experiencing the benefits.

If you stop taking the supplement, your HGH production will drop once more!

Definitely! Our product is backed by an amazing 100% no-risk, money-back guarantee - giving you up to 67 FULL DAYS to try our product!

We ask you to try a two-month supply of GenF20 Plus, and if you're not completely satisfied for any reason, just send us the empty packaging after 60 days (we even allow an additional 7 days for shipping time) for a total of 67 days from the time of delivery (minus the shipping fees).

And if you want to take advantage of our discount pricing by ordering several months' suppy at once, that's no problem. Whatever unopened packages you send back with the first two months' opened packages will also qualify for a full refund.

How are we able to offer such an amazing guarantee? Because we are ABSOLUTELY SURE that you will be happy with our product. Please do not return any product after the 9-week refund period has expired. To qualify for a refund, all returns must be received at the shipping center within 67 days of delivery, no exceptions. You are welcome to try our products, but please note that refunds are limited to one order return per customer.

Absolutely not! Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

We will never sell, lease, or trade your name, email address, or other personal information. We adhere to a strict no-spam policy and do not spam our customers - ever.

Credit card transactions will be charged as "" or "".

Your order of GenF20 Plus will be discretely shipped in a plain package, labeled with "Leading Edge" as the sender.

Orders shipped inside the continental US generally arrive in 2-7 days, depending on your shipping option.

FREE 2-3 day shipping is automatically applied to orders of a 5 month supply or more! (USA only).

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